1. Importance of cleaning in nursery schools
  1. Cleaning in nursery schools professionally. How to do it
  What should you know if you are going to do a cleaning job in schools? <➤ Profile of users. In the hygiene in nursery schools, we must take into account that many of the users of the place are children and of the great majority are young, to this we must add the percentage of adult staff and as we have previously mentioned parents and visitors . Knowing the type of user of each installation, we will know what the nature of the dirt is and what we can find if we are going to do the cleaning in children's schools, to make sure what protocol to follow and what cleaning products to use.> <➤ Type of dirt. As important as identifying the nature of the dirt is to determine on what surface we will find this dirt, as well as the way in which we are going to eliminate it. Obviously, the cleaning of toilets is not the same as that of the classrooms. It is very common to clean children's schools after the school day in such a way that the activity of the place is interrupted at least. Among the types of dirt in nursery schools that we can find, the most frequent are:>
  • Dirt by contact of dirty hands on walls, stairs, doors, tables, etc.
  • Eraser, pencil residues, paint spots, chalk, marker, dust and play dough.
  • Products that we are going to use and procedures
<➤ Procedure to clean educational spaces for children.>
  1. Safety measures to take into account, when we clean children’s schools
  1. Schedule of tasks and frequency with which to do a cleaning service in educational centers for children
<➤ the following tasks will be daily.> School cleaning services Vadodara