The kitchen is the space of the house in which more different smells are mixed and accumulated. Some of them, very intense and persistent, such as fish, baked and some cooked vegetables. Also the garbage can is a source of bad smells that can turn your kitchen into an unpleasant space to prepare stews.

The usual cleaning of all corners will eliminate food odors that accumulate on surfaces and appliances. However, if we want to turn the kitchen into a room with a permanent pleasant aroma we will have to resort to an air freshener. Being a space in which we handle food, it is not advisable to use industrial air fresheners. Thus, the most advisable thing is to create fresh and subtle fragrances from natural ingredients that anyone can have at home.

Take note of the natural ingredients you can use to create air fresheners for the kitchen:

– Aromatic plants: they are always a good resource to aromatize spaces, drawers and cabinets. In addition, they keep mosquitoes and moths away. Lavender, rosemary or thyme is ideal for a country scent in the kitchen. You can also try herb grass

– Citrus fruits: oranges and lemons are essential when creating a natural air freshener. They refresh and provide a natural scent ideal for kitchens. Both citrus skins and skin can eliminate odors in the kitchen and leave a fresh and pleasant aroma. A good idea is to cut a lemon or an orange in half and place a nail in the pulp.

– Cinnamon: the cinnamon sticks provide an unmistakable aroma. We can put them in small cloth bags or they can also be mixed with orange peel.

– Essential oils: you only need a few drops of any essential oil to obtain an ideal air freshener for the kitchen. Of course, they must be natural essential oils that are extracted directly from the plants and are highly concentrated. Pour a few drops in water with a couple of tablespoons of baking soda and use the mixture in a container with spray to make use of your air freshener.

– Coffee: the natural coffee beans also give off a good aroma that we can take advantage of for cooking.

Types of air fresheners

– Sprayer: mix water with a couple of tablespoons of baking soda and introduce the mixture in a container with spray.

– Glass jar: mix dry bicarbonate with essential oil and introduce it in a glass jar that can be covered with a cloth or with a brass lid pierced so that the aroma comes out.

Signs that your House Needs a bit of Odor

– Gelatin: make a gel air freshener by boiling water and dissolving gelatin. When it cools, pour a few drops of essential oil of your preference and pour the mixture into a glass jar.

– Saquitos : it introduces aromatic plants or spices such as cinnamon and cloves into cloth sacks. You can make the mixes that you like the most.

– Oil: set your kitchen with an oil container in which you place some orange sticks that absorb the aroma. You can use an oily vegetable oil like almonds and pour a few drops of essential oil.