Building Glass Cleaning Services in India

At the moment in which someone talks to us about the cleanliness of glass in height, the image of a worker with a helmet and harness hanging from the 40th floor of a building and the worker of the office of that plant rises to mind. See how someone is hanging from so much height.

The cleaning in height of crystals, is a job that due to the difficulty of access is intended exclusively for specialized companies, which have in their team professionals who know the operation and have all the necessary tools and safety measures to clean the glass effective way.

In the last decade, the aesthetics of buildings have been changing, giving way to more modern buildings where glass and / or windows play a key role, to take advantage of sunlight as much as possible. The drawback is the difficulty to clean and maintain the crystals in perfect condition, so it is essential to hire a company for this task. In this way, a periodic hygiene is achieved that eliminates and suppresses the effects caused by pollution and weather, such as rain or wind.

The techniques used to achieve a correct cleaning of glass at height depend to a large extent on the characteristics of the construction and the available system. Poles, platforms, pens and ladders manipulated from the ground are not enough when you have to reach a height too high, that is, from 15 and 20 meters. For these situations the lifting with crane or nacelle is the key, workers climb into cabins to access the upper floors for optimal professional glass cleaning at height

All companies that perform the task of cleaning glass height have to comply with the current regulations on Occupational Health and Safety.

The truth be told, the workers who are dedicated to the hygiene of glass in height have to know how to choose the utensils and chemists that they should use according to the surfaces to clean up. In addition they have to examine the conditions of the crane or gondola as well as the equipment of subjection and protection. The operator knows in what meteorological conditions his work can be carried out and in which, for example, a windy day carries a high risk.

Who needs a glass cleaning in height?

As we have said most of the new buildings have large windows, so in reality any building with glass needs a clean. It is also true that in the first position of the list of buildings that most urgently need such cleaning, companies and offices must be located as they have to give a good image.

We are going to assume that you are going to a meeting and before entering the building you notice that the facade is very dirty, as if it were a long time ago that nobody cleaned it. Your perception about the company with which you have the appointment will have changed, because you will think that if your building is so neglected how it will be with the rest of the activities. So it is essential to make a good impression from the beginning, that is, even before they enter the door.

A curious fact is that workers who receive vitamin D from the sun through office glasses perform more. Therefore, crystal cleaning is more important than it may seem at first, do not underestimate it. Also, if the glass is shiny, more sunlight will enter, so you can save on electricity.

Techniques for cleaning in height

To select a system or another one for the elevated glass cleaning, it is necessary to determine the altitude and accessibility of the place. For heights over two meters there are several alternatives to achieve the desired sanitation, such as: use stairs for heights between 2.5 and 5 or 6 meters, use water systems that can reach up to 15 meters and can be performed from the surface (ground) and the handling of platforms or elevators, gondolas and lift for higher heights when the glass cannot be cleaned from inside the building.

Elevators for cleaning glass height

When you have to clean at a certain altitude, elevators are an excellent alternative because they allow workers to count enough mobility to be able to properly clean the surface.

The company s dedicated to the cleaning of glass can count between their elevators with self-propelled cranes to vehicles called caterpillars that are able to access landscaped spaces. Some elevators use batteries and others are electric, can be moved to the right place or stay fixed in areas where sanitation is necessary.

The self-propelled elevators favor the displacement of the same from the surface. The use of these elevators is useful when it is necessary to clean several meters as a single worker can manipulate it with a remote control.

The caterpillar elevators are used in spaces with difficult access, because it allows entering uneven terrains such as gardens or places with stones.

Finally, the elevating cranes reach a remarkable height and have the possibility of moving horizontally enough meters; this translates into an advantage when the distance from the vehicle to the space to be sanitized is enough.

Gondolas for cleaning in height

The gondolas are platforms suspended in the air at a certain height from the ground from a structure that is usually an elevating rig that moves on rails.

A large number of new buildings have their design with a crane system located at the top, allowing in this way to move up and down and length-width.

The gondolas incorporate multiple safety systems so that the operators who dedicate themselves to the cleaning of glass at height do not suffer any mishap. However, it is always advisable to carry out periodic inspections of the wiring as well as locking and braking systems.

Pick up for window cleaning in height

The lifting techniques were only carried out in situations where access is difficult, for this they need harnesses.

The installations of the hook-and-loop systems must be carried out by specialists, the ropes, the harnesses, the carabineers and the fastening points must be homologated.

This cleaning technique is the most dangerous for the operator, so you have to know perfectly the task to be performed and have adequate safety measures so that nothing happens to you.

Prevention and protection measures for cleaning glass in height

The prevention and protection measures for companies and workers dedicated to polishing glass in height cover all the technical and safety requirements that must be met.

Requirements for the components of the equipment for cleaning glass in height

  • The perimeter of the platform must have a minimum height of 0, 90 meters and be closed, but because the minimum height of the population has risen in recent decades, it is recommended that the minimum height increase to 1 meter. If it has an access door, it must only be opened inwards and at the moment of closing it must remain automatically secured or have an interlocking system. The dimensions of the platforms must be designed so that only the number of authorized persons can access, counting, of course, with the tools and materials necessary to clean glass at height. All the gondolas must have in a visible place a plate with the following information: the manufacturer’s or supplier’s data, the year of manufacture, the model,
  • It must be equipped with side wheels that ensure the position of the same on the rail, has to have an anti-tilt system in case of any failure.
  • They have to have mechanical stops properly positioned so that in case of derailment could stop it.

Rules for use for cleaning glass in height

  • Prior to cleaning in height. The equipment to be used must have a signal indicating “only for authorized personnel”. The maximum authorized weight must not be exceeded. The worker has to check that the controls of the gondola work properly. If by some chance the gondola is operated with a remote control, it must be checked before each working day that it is loaded. The workers have to enter the platform when it is on the ground and once uploaded they must put their safety harness to the anchor fucking.
  • During glass cleaning. The worker’s material, such as buckets, tools, cleaning materials, etc., must be held at all times so that they do not fall. To calculate the maximum distance to perform the sanitation, it must be taken into account that the platform cannot hit the façade. If something unusual is detected during the process, it must be suspended and work stopped immediately.
  • At the end of the glass cleaning in height. Once the work is finished, the gondola has to move to the ground, disconnect the power supply and pick up the cable.

Security systems for cleaning glass in height

The main security measures that the built-in gondolas must have are:

  • Emergency descent. Mechanism that allows the platform to descend slowly thanks to the engine brake released. It can also be carried out manually. The maneuver that has to be used is the one that allows evacuating the worker in the worst possible time.
  • Emergency stop. According to current regulations, the platforms must have two emergency stops, located in the gondola and in the chassis.
  • Emergency brake. It is a mainly hydraulic instrument that jumps when it detects a too fast descent of the platform, avoiding the fall by means of its blocking.
  • Probe it is an anti-collision mechanism formed by a bar located below the platform that prevents movement when it hits against any component.
  • Overload detector. Device that is regulated according to the load of the platform, blocking all the displacements except that of the descent.
  • Security anchors. The gondola must have a certain number of safety anchorages depending on the operators that work in it.

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