The maintenance of buildings is a concept that is often considered secondary, or even tends to be forgotten, until the deterioration of the facilities, or a certain breakdown, alerts us to the difference between having maintained a well-maintained facility and the consequences of lack of conservation, with the consequent surprise expenses, which will always be greater and more difficult to assume, than a moderate scheduled invoice.   In this guide on building care and cleaning, step by step, we will explain first of all what is the integral maintenance of buildings.   What is the maintenance of buildings?   The integral maintenance of a building consists in carrying out all the necessary actions to care for and protect the state of the building, in such a way that it retains its optimum physical appearance and continues after the passage of time, providing the same functional benefits of its origin.   Reasons for carrying out an integral maintenance of buildings   Among the most important reasons to carry out or contract the integral maintenance of a building, are the following: it affects aesthetic conditions, health, safety, functionality, and budget control.  

  • The aesthetics of a building with or without cleaning makes the image it transmits vary a lot, and speaks for itself of the type of owners and users that make it up.
  • The dirt that a building presents in its common areas makes possible the proliferation of insect pests and rodents, which once installed, will surely expand their areas of action.
  • Dirt and lack of maintenance in a building, make possible the proliferation of bacteria and microorganism, which can infect cooling and heating systems, as well as the general environment in which all users coexist, causing allergies, and all kinds of diseases.
  • The dirt and lack of revision of the facilities in a building cause a greater number of breakdowns in the machinery, with worse consequences due to the lack of early detection.
  • The lack of control and revisions, as well as cleaning of buildings, decreases the security in the facilities that can become even dangerous in their use, and of course at some point they will stop providing the services for which they were installed, with the consequent discomfort for all users of the property.
  • An adequate budget of integral maintenance of buildings is an investment in the short and medium term, since the care will be transformed into a positive image, which will give greater value to the property, and will have a positive impact on the projection in front of business visitors. That is housed in it, or the type of owners that occupy it, creating a sense of comfort and responsibility.
  • From an economic point of view, the fact of having a closed budget in the expenses chapter, avoids many surprises that are unexpected and difficult to assume.
  • Constant revisions, and maintenance actions, save repairs and large-volume actions, which always involve large costs.
  • The systematic maintenance of the facilities and their correct cleaning, helps to obtain the best performance, reducing consumption and other costs.
A correct conservation of buildings it helps to preserve the heritage, and in some cases this need is contemplated in the legislation, which holds the owners responsible for the good state of conservation of the buildings and their facilities.   The systematic performance of maintenance and cleaning tasks in buildings is necessary to have insurance coverage in case of claiming compensation for accidents.   Who carries out the maintenance of buildings and their cleaning?   The services of maintenance and cleaning of buildings can be carried out by different professionals hired independently, staff on staff, or one of the many cleaning companies and comprehensive services.   Below we can see advantages and disadvantages of each option.   In the management and maintenance of buildings as a minimum will have to intervene professionals of the following services and activities:  
  • Antenist
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Bricklayers
  • Locksmiths
  • Cleaning workers
1 - Building maintenance guide and step-by-step cleaning The specific and specific contracting of each of these services, supposes a greater economic outlay to the extent that the different independent invoices are added to each other, to achieve the same purpose that is the maintenance and cleaning of buildings , but perhaps with less homogeneous results over time.   A greater number of cleaning services and maintenance contracted in a single company in a systematic way, always involves an adjustment and reduction of price per volume that is always more beneficial for customers when it comes to order cleaning and  care  of buildings . The performance of maintenance tasks and cleaning of buildings, commissioned to different companies and professionals can more easily dilute the responsibility and quality in the services provided as a whole. The coordination of tasks and the periodicity is also more difficult, when carrying out the cleaning and maintenance of buildings, when different professionals or companies are hired, since it is more difficult to agglutinate the actions in a unique and specific project. In the event that the maintenance and cleaning tasks are carried out by own employees, they must have the regulatory professional certifications, and also requires the ownership of the property to make additional disbursements for the acquisition of tools, materials, products and necessary machinery, costs to which we must add more expenses for repairs and maintenance. The biggest advantages then, we will find them when contracting one of the many companies of auxiliary services of buildings and cleaning in India, with enough experience in this sector of activity, since it will provide us with:
  • A specific project of cleaning and maintenance of the building, which will include an inventory of all areas, facilities and items to be cleaned and reviewed.
  • It will provide us with a calendar with the best periodicity options depending on the spaces or facilities to be maintained.
  • It will provide the human, mechanical and necessary tools for the maintenance and cleaning of the building.
  • It will concentrate all the responsibility in the efficient execution of all the tasks of cleaning and maintenance of the building, as well as the staff of operators or professionals who perform these tasks.
Periodicity in the tasks of maintenance of buildings and their cleaning The spaces most continuously used by the users of each building, need constant cleaning and checking for proper maintenance. These areas coincide with access doors to the building, hall or portal, interior and exterior courtyards, stairs, landings and elevators. Daily cleaning and maintenance of buildings Among the daily tasks of cleaning and maintenance of buildings are:
  • Cleaning of footprints in windows of doors of portal, and handles, knobs, and cranks, cleaning of doors elevators, and picture of buttons, interior mirrors.
  • Dust cleaning in mail boxes, furniture and hall or portal fixtures, and stair rails.
  • Emptying of litter bins and landings.
  • Floor cleaning portal, stairs, landings, lifts, garbage rooms.
  • Cleaning of roads and green areas attached to the building.
  • Sweep of parking and access ramps, emptying wastebaskets.
2 - Building maintenance guide and step-by-step cleaning   Daily building maintenance tasks Among the daily tasks of maintenance they are:
  • Concierge services, security, and access control of buildings.
  • Review of locks and opening systems of portals and garages, with greasing or correction of deficiencies if any.
  • Review lighting portal, stairs, lift and landings, with cast changes where necessary lamps.
  • Displacement of cubes from garbage room to the collection point in the street, and later collection of the cubes to store again in the room.
  • Maintenance and plant care portal, and landings.
  • Gardening work in green areas.
Maintenance of buildings and cleaning of alternate periodicity: They will depend on factors such as the volume of users of the buildings, activities that take place in them, and of course the different tasks will be marked for their execution, at the will of the clients responsible for the contract for cleaning and maintenance of buildings in India. Among the classic tasks of alternating periodicity in the cleaning and maintenance of buildings are:
  • Crystal Cleaning
  • Cleaning of patios and roofs
  • Application of detection systems and pest control
  • Mechanical garage cleaning
  • Polishing and buffing floors in halls, landings and stairs
  • Cleaning carpets and alfo mbras (maybe you are interested in this article on how to clean carpets and carpets in which we deepen more on this subject)
  • Cleaning of garbage containers
  • Cleaning of lamps and lighting systems
  • General cleaning of storage rooms, garbage rooms, meter rooms, machine rooms, air conditioning and refrigeration systems
  • Duct cleaning
  • Cleaning manholes
  • Façade and graffiti cleaning
Maintenance tasks of buildings and their cleaning with alternating periodicity In direct relation with the use, the type of installation to be revised to achieve its optimal functioning, and of course the service contracted according to the will of the clients, these are some of the tasks of cleaning and care of buildings that are carried out with different periodicity :
  • Review of elevators
  • General electrical installation review of the building
  • Review of air conditioning, heating and air conditioning systems
  • Review of opening systems and video surveillance
  • Review of fire-fighting systems, including change of fire extinguishers
  • Review of sanitation systems and water pipes
  • Cover revision
  • Facade ornaments review
  • Fertilization of plants and grass with replacement of spoiled species
  • Review of all types of elements of sports facilities, gyms and swimming pools