Quick Kitchen Cleaning Tips by Eco Fms

One of the dirtiest places at home is the kitchen. Frequent use, steam, and food debris can make cleaning the kitchen thoroughly a complicated task that we often avoid. If we do not have the habit of cleaning while we cook, we could spend many more hours leaving the kitchen in order than we did in preparing dinner.

To avoid that this task consumes you too much time, we have some recommendations and tips that you can apply daily so you do not have to stay up late and clean the kitchen at night.

Cleaning equipment by hand

In the kitchen, we are always prone to having “accidents” such as spilling liquids, crumbs on the floor or burning something. It is very easy to eliminate difficult stains in the kitchen but we can avoid that the problem is bigger having always at hand our basic cleaning kit. What should this kit have? Degreaser, disinfectant, microfiber cloths for cleaning and drying, paper towels, a sponge and soapy product. Keep it under the sink To make it easy to find.  Turn the timer

The best way to motivate yourself and eliminate distractions is to set a time limit to achieve your goal. Mark 15 minutes on the clock and try to do everything you can in that period of time.

Dust Free House Cleaning Tips

Clear the surfaces

It is much easier to clean the countertop if we do not have small appliances or packaging on top. Therefore, it is better to keep the things we do not use often stored and leave on the countertop only what we use daily. This will facilitate the cleaning work and will cause less dirt to accumulate.

Store crockery always

The work does not end when you wash the dishes. Remember that once they are dry, you should keep them in the cupboards or areas for it. To keep the kitchen clean and tidy, empty the dishwasher and the place where you dry the dishes next to the sink. It seems an eternal task but the reality is that you will not take more than 3 minutes to get it and you will contribute a lot to the organization of the place.

Clean the sink

An empty sink does not mean it’s clean. There are many areas of your home dirtier than a toilet and the sink is one of them. Once empty, vinegar applied over the entire surface and remove food debris that has been.  Do not forget to sweep and mop the floor in the kitchen, clean the floor

It is very important since it is the recipient of food remains that attract bacteria. Although it looks clean, it passes the broom and mops it as a final touch to the quick cleaning session.

These tips are to perform a weekly and superficial cleaning of the kitchen. If you need to perform an express cleaning for unexpected visits there are some steps that you can skip and that will make your kitchen look cleaner even faster.

To carry out a thorough cleaning of the kitchen, it is advisable to have the help of professionals. There are places where dirt has accumulated over the years and eliminating it is not easy, it requires a lot of technique and specialized machinery. The request without obligation a budget for thorough cleaning of the kitchen and our team will clean behind your appliances, inside the drawers, and under the furniture so that everything is impeccable in just 1 day.