Schools are places that hundreds of people spend every day, including teachers, parents, etc. As they happen with health centers or hospitals. A good cleaning in nursery schools is essential when it comes to preventing diseases that can be caused by poor hygiene at the center. In Eco Fms we are aware that hygiene in nursery schools, nurseries or study centers is a need of the first order. Therefore, not everyone can perform this task, always thinking of providing total hygiene to spaces where the little ones spend a large part of the day.
  1. Importance of cleaning in nursery schools
Apart from the youngest ones, there are schools with nursery service, in them we find perhaps the people who most need good hygiene around them, babies. These little ones of a few months of life, in many occasions, do not have a fully developed immune system, if we add to this the small ones that crawl, or start walking, it is completely understood the important role that good cleaning plays in children’s schools , because otherwise, children would be constantly moving dirt from one side to another.
  1. Cleaning in nursery schools professionally. How to do it
Any type of professional cleaning, you need to know information, about the users of the place that is going to be cleaned, since a school is not cleaned in the same way as a commercial place. Knowing this means that school cleaning professionals can adapt the tasks to the needs, it is also important to clean children’s schools in each autonomous community, because although they have similarities, the way in which they are performed is not the same. a cleaning in infant schools of Madrid , that in Badajoz. The main thing is to obtain the best results, trying to bother the minimum.   Something to keep in mind, too, is that in order to get a good cleaning job, a study of the facilities and characteristics is carried out and the cleaning service in nursery schools is adapted to the real needs of each center. What should you know if you are going to do a cleaning job in schools? Before opting for a job vacancy in school cleaning jobs, you need to know the following: ➤ Profile of users. In the hygiene in nursery schools, we must take into account that many of the users of the place are children and of the great majority are young, to this we must add the percentage of adult staff and as we have previously mentioned parents and visitors . Knowing the type of user of each installation, we will know what the nature of the dirt is and what we can find if we are going to do the cleaning in children’s schools, to make sure what protocol to follow and what cleaning products to use. ➤ Type of dirt. As important as identifying the nature of the dirt is to determine on what surface we will find this dirt, as well as the way in which we are going to eliminate it. Obviously, the cleaning of toilets is not the same as that of the classrooms. It is very common to clean children’s schools after the school day in such a way that the activity of the place is interrupted at least. Among the types of dirt in nursery schools that we can find, the most frequent are:
  • Dirt by contact of dirty hands on walls, stairs, doors, tables, etc.
  • Eraser, pencil residues, paint spots, chalk, marker, dust and play dough.
Although it is true that in these places teachers are responsible for developing cleanliness and hygiene among the smallest, trying to make them more and more independent. Although they are not able to perform tasks like painting or eating without incurring dirt. If we take into account that a child can only produce great dirt in an activity such as painting with temperas, if we multiply the same activity, for the number of children it is clear the importance of a good sanitation of infant schools.
  • Products that we are going to use and procedures
When determining hygiene products and procedures in nursery schools, the following concepts must be taken into account. Good choice of cleaning products. Caring for the choice of cleaning products for school cleaning is essential, since some chemical products can generate toxicity or allergic reactions, even only with contact. Also avoid products that cause landslides such as floor polish waxes. In the case of nursery schools, they are also dangerous air fresheners and sprays to eliminate pests, since they are attractive for children. ➤ Procedure to clean educational spaces for children. The cleaning of the dust will be done with a wet system at the same time that the windows are opened to eliminate the harmful particles. The air quality must always be adequate, using ozone generators if necessary and, above all, carefully cleaning the air conditioning or heating devices. It is also advisable to ventilate the classrooms. Cleaning with ionized water to eliminate the greatest number of bacteria. It is a substitute for chemical products, acting as a powerful degreaser, disinfectant and rinse aid.
  1. Safety measures to take into account, when we clean children’s schools
Our cleaning staff must be aware at all times of the risks of using certain chemical cleaning products, both in them and in the users of the facilities. The cleaning workers in nursery schools will have to go through a period of specific training on the child profile of school users, knowing at all times the best cleaning procedures to avoid accidents that cause accidents. For this reason, it is important and recommendable, that the cleaning tasks in educational spaces for children be done either after the end of the school day or before these. The transport of cleaning products and accessories will always be done in an orderly manner with cleaning carts, observing after each cleaning service that nothing is missing, always trying to maintain the correct safety measures. It is very possible that before starting the cleaning task in a school or even nursery, it is necessary to use part of the time in removing toys, papers, and objects on the floor or any other type of objects that interrupt and are an obstacle in our service cleaning.
  1. Schedule of tasks and frequency with which to do a cleaning service in educational centers for children
Sanitation in nursery schools will be done daily, weekly or periodically, depending on the spaces and surfaces to be treated, as detailed below. ➤ the following tasks will be daily. Ventilation of spaces, avoiding an excess of current at all times. Cleaning of dust, stains and remains of any other product, on surfaces such as desks, tables, chairs, reaching a total disinfection of these. Cleaning of traces marked on windows, windows or doors, as well as handrails, handrails and cranks. If the educational center has a warehouse and kitchen, the cleaning regulations of the food sector will be followed. Correct cleaning of toilets, being very important also the ventilation and disinfection of toilets, replacement of toilet paper, and cleaning of faucets. School cleaning services Vadodara