Holidays Cleaning Plans, Tips, and Checklist

Everyone gets the bull and spend hours cleaning your house at the last moment is not a way to start the holidays. In this post, we give you some suggestions to make the holidays a little less stressful by dividing the housework during 5 days prior to a meeting or holiday. Next, we give you this useful cleaning plan.

Cleaning plan for Holidays like Diwali Time

Day 1: Porch, lobby and central wardrobe

  • Concentrate on clearing and organizing the mess.
  • Clean glass doors, lamps and lights, doors, and knobs.
  • Aspirate or sweep and clean the floor if necessary.
  • Make sure you have a carpet at the entrance to minimize dirt in your home.
  • The drawers, the cupboards, and the unoccupied rooms are excellent temporary spaces for clothes, shoes, toys, and mail that you have not yet ordered.
  • Focus especially on the most disordered areas of your home and start there.

Tips for Cleaning the Sofa

Day 2: Bedrooms, corridors, and stairs

  • Shake the dust from every corner, including ceiling fans, lamps, corners, and cracks.
  • Clean the doors, windows, furniture and any ornament of the room.
  • Aspirate the floor, especially in places like under the bed, along with the baseboards and under the furniture.
  • Clean the floor with detergent if necessary.
  • Place clean sheets and towels in guest rooms.
  • If one of the rooms your guests will stay in has another purpose, reduce clutter as much as possible.

Day 3: Bathrooms

  • Shake the dust from all corners, including lights and mirrors.
  • Disinfects the toilet, bathtub, shower and all surfaces.
  • Clean the drawers, bathroom accessories and whatever you have there.
  • Clean the sink and the areas around it.
  • Sweep, vacuum and clean with the mop.
  • Change the towels for clean and fresh ones.
  • Add two cleaning pads to the toilet, allow the bubbles to clear the stains and clean it with your usual tool.
  • Remove any loose hair or debris that may be in the drain.

Secrets of a Clean and Sparkling kitchen

Day 4: Room and dining room

  • Clean the doors, tablecloths, furniture, inside and outside the cabinets or shelves and ornaments.
  • Aspirate the furniture, along with the baseboards and under them.
  • Sweep and clean floors with the product of your choice.
  • You can place flowers or some special and simple decoration on your tables and tables.

Day 5: Kitchen

  • Clean fires or hob, fridge, microwave, small appliances, drawers, countertop, sink, and shelves.
  • Aspire and scrub the floor.
  • If your kitchen is gas, to clean it, remove everything removable and put it in the sink with soapy water. You can also take advantage of the oven trays.
  • To remove burned dirt, rub with the rough side of a sponge soaked with a solution made with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. You may need a stronger cleaner for the oven.
  • Do not forget to clean the bottom of the inside of the refrigerator.
  • Take out the drawers where you store the food, discard the products in poor condition and wash the drawers with warm water and soap.
  • To make your fridge smell good, add an open container with baking soda or a small dish with ground coffee to absorb odors.

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