What should you know about pool cleaning? Methods of maintenance and cleaning of swimming pools Automatic cleaning method for swimming pools Methods of manual cleaning for swimming pools Pool cleaning in winter Factors that influence when cleaning a pool
  • The sun: When the temperature exceeds 25 degrees, the water tends to become cloudy, causing PH levels to be destabilized and thus favoring the appearance of algae. For its elimination, it will be necessary to filter the water and preventive protection with products such as anti-algae and pH balancing liquid.
  • The storms: They cause a clouding of the water, so that if it does not have a large number of products for maintenance, the evolution of water quality will be negative. To avoid this type of factors, an enclosure for the pool can be built so that the meteorological factors have no influence on the maintenance of the water and the pool.
As you can see, these problems have several solutions, so it will not be difficult; make a good cleaning of pools with which to avoid having a water laden with chlorines or artificial limes that irritate the skin and eyes. Swimming pool maintenance protocol Among the analyzed parameters we find the following:
  • Water turbidity
  • Transparency of water.
  • Water temperature.
  • PH present.
  • Free chlorine.
  • Total bromine.
  • Room temperature.
  • CO2 Environment.
Tips for correct pool cleaning
  • When you go to clean and use chemical products, always use old clothes, because if chlorine falls on your clothes you can change the color.
  • Take samples of water, and take it to a store or pool business to analyze it and thus anticipate possible problems.
  • Use the pool net to remove dirt from the surface, such as leaves or other floating objects, before they become dirt, at the bottom of the pool.
  • Maintain at all times the chlorine levels of the pool between 1.0 and 3.0 ppm, to prevent the appearance of algae.
Warnings to keep in mind when cleaning a pool
  • Do not add chemicals to your pool, unless you are not sure that they can be used, since the wrong products can cause damage.
  • Do not mix liquids.
  • Add the chemical to water, do not mix it outside before adding it to water.
  • Beware of exposure to chlorine since it can cause throat problems or irritation of skin, eyes and lungs.
What will you need to do a pool cleaning?
  • A chemical analysis kit.
  • Pool cleaner brush.
  • Vacuum cleaner or automatic pool cleaner.
  • PH liquid.
  • Pool network for floating objects.
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