From the cleaning tasks in the kitchen, cleaning the fridge can be a long and feared task. But when it comes to that, what separates you from a cleaner refrigerator is only 15 minutes. Here are some tips to clean the refrigerator in 15 minutes that could work on a day when you are in a hurry.

Clean the fridge in 1 minute

Fill a large bowl with warm water and a modest stream of liquid to wash the dishes. Remember to use warm water, not hot, as the hot water will break the plastic parts in the refrigerator. While the bowl fills, clear the sink and counter closest to the refrigerator. Place the garbage can next to the refrigerator. Use two microfiber wipes, one to wash and one to dry. Place the container on the counter and dip a cloth in soapy water, then drain it. We recommend using microfiber cloths because they cover an area larger than a sponge and are designed to collect dirt and absorb water.

Before opening the refrigerator there is no way for you to clean the refrigerator in 15 minutes deeply, so you must address the most important areas.

Cleaning the refrigerator in 6 minutes

Starts on the top shelf and throws the damaged items into the garbage can. If in doubt, throw it away. Place the empty containers and containers in the dishwasher. Now, move what’s left on the side of the shelf. Clean the empty half of the shelf and the sides, as necessary. For a hardened or sticky spill, soak the stain in soapy water and let it stand while cleaning the next shelf, so the stain will come out more easily and then dry it. When you transfer the items to the clean side of the shelf, clean the drawers, especially the bottoms. Clean and dry the second half of the shelf. Once the shelf is clean, group similar elements, placing the larger ones in the back and the smaller ones in front. Continue until all the shelves are empty of food in poor condition and clean. This step can be somewhat tedious.

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In 5 minutes the impeccable drawers of the refrigerator

Take out the vegetable box and place the good things on the countertop and place the products in disrepair and the remains of vegetables in the garbage can. Wash the interior of the drawer with soapy water and a microfiber cloth. Rinse and dry. Replace the product Clean the shelf with the vegetable drawer. Slide the drawer in and go to the next drawer, repeating the process. If you cannot remove a drawer, open the drawer as much as possible. Remove the product, rinse the drawer and dry. Rearrange the vegetables on the countertop inside the fridge again.

Clean the shelves of the refrigerator in 2 minutes

Take a look at the shelves at the door. Obviously, discard items from past dates. As necessary, clean the top, side, and bottom of the containers. Cleans the obvious waste that is on the shelves. Rinse your microfiber cloth as it gets dirty. Clean the shelves and the rest of the interior of the door.

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In 1-minute clean refrigerator door

Close the refrigerator door and rinse and drain your microfiber cloth. Clean the front of the refrigerator, especially around the refrigerator handle. Rinse the cloth again. Pour the water into the sink and leave the bowl in the dishwasher.