Refrigerator Smells? How to Stop and Prevent Fridge Odor? As we have seen on other occasions, cleaning the kitchen is one of the most important areas of our house, since it is one of the areas that accumulate more dirt. Therefore, from time to time, we must pay special attention to the refrigerator in our kitchen, as it needs a thorough cleaning and that is why it often accumulates bad odors. Pay attention, and see how to eliminate bad odors from the fridge thanks to these simple tips. Stop the bad smell in the refrigerator Identify the cause The first thing we must do to eliminate bad odors from the refrigerator is to know what is causing it. The most common is that these bad smells come from a food that is in poor condition. Once we have detected it, we must remove it from the refrigerator. If we do not know where this bad smell comes from, what we should do is carrying out a thorough cleaning of the fridge, paying special attention to the different shelves and compartments. Protects foods that have a strong odor Another method to prevent odors is to protect all those foods that can generate a strong aroma, such as sauces and leftovers. To avoid these bad odors, the most advisable thing is to wrap them in plastic wrap, avoiding that the foods that are close do not also catch that bad smell. If after having cleaned the fridge thoroughly, and removed all foods that were deteriorated, the odors continue to persist you will have to resort to these homemade tricks to eliminate them completely. Home tricks to remove odor from the refrigerator One of the most common tricks to remove the bad smell is to take a lemon and split it in half. Then add cloves. You can also serve us to leave a container with lemon juice in the fridge. For those who love the smell of coffee, an alternative to eliminate the bad smells of the refrigerator, and give it that scent, is to place inside a glass with ground coffee. Keep in mind that the smell of coffee is strong and that it will stay inside your fridge, so it is important that you like this smell, and do not find it unpleasant. The use of bicarbonate is another of the many alternatives used for the elimination of bad odors. Although we also find another alternative “natural” that is quite efficient and is to place a large ball of crumb bread soaked in vinegar and place it in the refrigerator. This will help you neutralize the different types of odors. Thanks to these tips you will prevent bad odors from taking over the fridge. In the event that none of these tricks work to eliminate odors from the refrigerator, you should do a thorough cleaning of your refrigerator and clean the back in case that bad smell is due to another reason. Eco FMS – One of the best Kitchen Cleaning services providers in Vadodara is responsible for cleaning your refrigerator and other appliances. Ask for a budget for thorough cleaning of your home, and enjoy a germ-free kitchen.