Mites are those beings belonging to the family of arachnids whose tiny size does not allow us to capture them with the naked eye. In particular, mites in the domestic sphere, dust mites, do not exceed 0.5 millimeters, although they are frequent cause of allergies. It is the excrement of mites and dead mites that cause breathing difficulties to people with allergies or asthma when inhaled in the form of fine dust.

In our home, they accumulate in mattresses, blankets, armchairs, cushions, curtains, pillows and sheets, elements that are in permanent contact with our skin. And is that mites feed on the dead skin of the human or animal. The most common symptoms caused by mites are nasal congestion, shortness of breath, sneezing, redness of the skin and tearing of the eyes.

To prevent mites at home, especially if we live with someone who is sensitive to these creatures, we recommend you keep the following tips in mind:

– Daily ventilation throughout the house, especially the rooms, which tend to accumulate more mites.

– Remove old mattresses from home and do not prolong their useful life. It will not be healthy for your spine and will cause an unnecessary accumulation of mites. Also, from time to time, place the mattresses in the sun.

– Put the household linen in the sun: blankets, sheets, pillowcases, pillows, etc. Use anti-mite covers for mattresses and pillows.

– Wash all clothes and objects susceptible to accumulating mites in the washing machine at high temperatures, above 60º. Pay special attention to stuffed animals.

– Avoid carpets as much as possible. If you have them, wash them frequently at the maximum possible temperature.

– Avoid the presence of pets in the home.

– It uses HEPA type vacuum cleaners with filter for mites or hydraulic systems.

– Avoid humidity and heat in the home, whose combination is the perfect breeding ground for the proliferation of mites.

– In case of allergic at home, resort to acaroids to treat mattresses, sofas and household linen in general. They are not toxic to humans and are effective.