One of the things that we like least to do is clean the kitchen, when we prepare a potato omelet, fry a pork steak or cook anything always there are stains, rubbish and other things that have to be picked up and cleaned, the most common are those unpleasant marks of fat that are difficult to eliminate, and that can become a problem if you do not get rid of them quickly, today you will know the easiest way to remove grease from the kitchen. WHAT you’ll need – a bucket with hot water – Dishwasher (you can use the one you have at home) – Gloves – dishcloth ADDITIONAL TIPS – can use if you wish, a spray or special soap for oily, it may be easier to do but also more expensive. – Before starting to clean any appliance it is best to make sure that you have unplugged it, we do not want an accident to happen. – If your kitchen is of a special or delicate material, be very careful with the products you use; only water and soap will suffice. – To clean the oven, be patient, try to go through each space, remember that the important thing is not to clean but to clean well. House Keeping Agency in India Follow these short but effective steps and you will see how you will wipe out all the unpleasant grease in your kitchen, although remember that every so often you have to do a thorough cleaning in depth, which will be much easier if you hire the services of kitchen cleaning professionals, In a single day they will leave your house impeccable, all you have to do is request your budget for house cleaning, hire and enjoy a completely clean kitchen and home.