Rat and Mouse Control Tips in the Home

When we do not perform the weekly cleaning correctly we are building a perfect home; not for us, but for rodents. There is nothing that raises more spirits than seeing a rat in our home. When this happens it is because we unconsciously create the proper environment for these unpleasant animals to hide very comfortably.

Things you can do to avoid rats at home

The rats, besides scaring and generating repulsion, represent a real threat to the health of the members of the household. They are usually transmitters of bacteria that can cause serious illnesses and even death. Although keeping the house always clean helps a lot, being a cleaning freak does not exclude you from the presence of these rodents in the home, as they can sneak into the neighbor’s house or get into a careless hole. However, you can reduce the risk by following these tips.

Pay attention to the holes

If your house is usually very clean, what can bring the rats are the holes in air ducts or the walls of the storeroom. One way to notice the presence of rats is the remains of feces or hairs in dark places. If you start to see this while cleaning the kitchen or your room, there is probably a rodent in your home.

Check the areas that you never clean.

Even if you maintain a good cleaning routine, there are areas that you usually forget to clean and that accumulate dust for years. These places can be behind the appliances, under the kitchen furniture or behind the drawers. This is where rats usually hide because they are dark and warm spaces. Look for the presence of these animals in these spaces and if you cannot find anything, take the opportunity to clean it thoroughly and avoid its appearance.

Always scrub, never sweep

If we find something suspicious like feces or hairs, it is best to scrub with bleach and water, although the amount of water should vary depending on the type of soil. It is not advisable to sweep as this will only cause the urine of the rats and bacteria to disperse and enter the cracks in the soil, which may attract future rodents.

Check the supermarket packaging

Sometimes, for recycling, we create a collection of cardboard cartons from the supermarket that can be harmful to our health at home. In these containers, there are traces of urine from rodents and this smell attracts them. With this, we do not want to tell you not to recycle, but you do avoid accumulation and bring the remains to the indicated place as soon as possible.

Clean the kitchen in 15 Minutes

Avoid the remains of food

Food is the main attraction for these animals, so we must be careful with the crumbs we leave when eating in the room or preparing dinner. Avoid eating outside the dining room and clean while cooking to reduce the risks. Crumbs may be almost invisible to you, but that does not make them less attractive to rodents.

Preventive cleaning

In addition to the daily cleaning to keep our home clean and tidy, it is recommended at least once a year to thoroughly clean and disinfect the home to prevent pests, bacteria, and diseases from affecting our health and decrease the lifetime of our furniture and appliances. For that, you can count on the Eco FMS. In just 1 day we take care of cleaning more than 200 areas of the home thoroughly. Request without commitment a budget of thorough cleaning of floors and houses and keep rats and dirt away from your home.