Quick Kitchen Cleaning Tips For Women

By the New Year’s table, each housewife wants to cook something special to please and surprise home and guests. But, as soon as all dishes are cooked – baked, fried and extinguished, there are mountains of oily dishes and stains, which are difficult to get rid of, because they eat into the surface tightly.

 In order not to spoil the holidays, use the tested tips:

  1. To clean the greasy surface, mix citric acid with vinegar and add the soda. Blend the mixture on a loofah or brush and rub into the places where fat is ingested. Spots dissolve without a trace, rinse with hot water. This simple tool can easily cope with the bloom.
  2. Go to the fruit – lemons, oranges and other citrus fruits will easily clean the microwave from the fat from the inside. Cut a few citrus into pieces, put them in a bowl and pour in water. Put it on the device, turn it on, and set the maximum heating temperature. After 15 minutes, disconnect from the network. Wipe off the softened fat with a sponge. Another known remedy is vinegar, 2 tablespoons. Add in 400 ml of water and follow the same principle.
  3. To clean the ceramic frying pan from the carbon, grate the laundry soap on a grater, add warm water and turn off 2 Tsp. soda 3 tbsp. vinegar. Hold the remedy in a frying pan for 15 minutes. Wipe the mixture with a sponge, rinse with water.
  4. Wash the glass-ceramic plate from the deposit by using moist baking soda. The mixture should be applied to the contamination sites and add a couple drops of vinegar on top. Leave it for 10 minutes and rinse with water.
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  1. Mustard will clean the kitchen cupboards from fat. Moisten the furniture facades with hot water. After 10 minutes, rub the dirty areas with a sponge and mustard.
  2. The electric oven is perfectly cleaned with a baking powder for dough. Wet the inner walls; sprinkle them with a baking powder. After two hours, remove the fat.

If you do not have time to produce all these chemical manipulations, use ready-made anti-fat cleansers. Manufacturers have already mixed all the necessary active ingredients for you. Means will help remove not only fat, but soot and burnt products from any surface without much effort.

Now you know what tips you need to take to effectively remove fat. Let your kitchen shine with cleanliness and pleases you and your loved ones!