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The micro cleaning services are designed for the places which require cleaning at a micro level. Labs, hospitals or IT server houses needs this type of proper cleaning. These areas need to be dust and bacteria free. Another issue cleaning such places is that normal cleaning process won’t be work here. Such areas are sensitive towards fumes and minor dust particles. If not taken care, contamination can quickly spread which might end up in a big loss for the owner.

ECO Facilities Management offers micro cleaning services to places which are sensitive to bacteria and dust particles. Our services are of low cost but very efficient as it’s done by trained professionals. Once you book a micro cleaning service, the team will come to analyze the area and start the cleaning process accordingly. Special equipments, cleaning solutions and microfiber cleaning pads are used to wipe all surfaces. This way the whole area gets disinfected, and dust particles are removed. The best part about micro cleaning is that all the products used are eco-friendly, won’t cause fumes or any irritation.

If you are looking for micro cleaning service in your area, do contact us as ECO Facilities Management provides the service that will satisfy our customer for sure.

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