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ECO Facilities Management Ship Cleaning Gujarat offers ship cleaning service for decks and proper cleaning of tanks which are used for storing crude oil, petrochemicals, hazardous chemicals or water. Whether you are inspecting the ship tank integrity, getting regular cleaning or making modification and repair, you require a reliable ship cleaning company to do the job. ECO Facilities Management offers a specialized service in removing sludge, contamination, fixed deposits from the ship tank by using state-of-the-art equipment handled by professionals.

ECO Facilities Management Ship Cleaning Services offers services stated below:

  • Cleaning of Fuel tanks HFO, DO and MDO
  • Sanitization of water ballast tanks
  • Cleaning the portable water tanks and repair of fresh water tanks.
  • Thorough washing of cargo ship holding to get cleaned.

Cleaning can be a major issue on board vessels especially when it involves bulk shipments. Such type of cleaning requires expert team and also specially designed equipments to get effective cleaning. Before the new cargo is loaded with goods like coal, iron, cement, bauxite or other products, it requires cleaning, so the goods don’t get damaged during the transfer process.

ECO Facilities Management Ship Cleaning Gujarat are tuned to work in the marine industry and have acquired a significant level of experience in cleaning big and small vessels. If you hold a cargo which requires regular cleaning, then contact us today. Give us a chance to provide you a systematic ship cleaning service which won’t disappoint you.