Then you must pay attention because the signs are quite clear. It often involves making small mistakes with important consequences and feeling out of control. But take it easy, because we’ll show you ten signs that your house needs some order. So you can apply the tricks to order necessary to get back in control:

  1. You do not know what you have
If you suddenly find clothes that you do not remember buying, or if you buy items that you already had, it’s time to clean your things and organize everything you have in the cupboards again.

  1. You are constantly shopping

If you continually think that you need to make more purchases because you miss basic objects, maybe it’s because what you have is so badly organized that it’s as if you do not have it. If you order and organize your belongings, you can be clear about what you really need to buy and avoid duplicate expenses that you really should not have squandered.

  1. You forget your appointments

Although it can happen (if you have a family emergency or there is a serious unforeseen event), what we mean is when you simply forget an appointment or planned event without a compelling reason. Especially if it happens more than once, this is a clear signal that your current organization system is not working. To solve it you must develop a daily routine so that you never miss a meeting. And, above all, have an easy access agenda at all times.

  1. You are easily distracted

Clutter can also be a great distraction for daily tasks or work. If you want to do the test: clean up the mess in your work area and find out what happens. Keep in mind that clutter is not only a problem at work; it can also be a visual or mental obstacle to being relaxed.

  1. You feel overwhelmed

Almost everyone feels that we have too many things to do at some point in our lives. We may even have more items on our to-do list than available hours in the day. To be efficient we must classify and organize tasks according to their priority and learn to manage our time instead of reacting in a disorderly manner to each task to be done. If you still do not have a daily organizational routine, it’s time to start doing it.

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  1. You do not find the most basic

Do not feel bad, we all make mistakes and even exceptional strange situations happen to us. However, if you regularly lose your keys, glasses or wallet, it means that your organizational routine fails.

  1. You cannot find everyday items

If you always waste time looking in the drawers of your desk, inside the closet or in your bag, it’s time to establish rules and develop the habit of returning things to their place after using them. No more time wasted looking for the control of television! Place it in a fixed and well defined place.

  1. The daily tasks of the home stress you out

If you have a busy life, you will need to prepare beforehand to ensure that daily tasks go smoothly, such as preparing breakfast, helping children, applying makeup or watering plants. It is an indicator that something of the process has to change when these simple tasks cause you stress. That is where you should simplify your daily household chores.

  1. You are interested in the organization of products

Although we would like to find miracle solutions to our problems, we can do wonders if we carefully choose the right organizational products. Even so, the need to acquire new shelves and boxes for your organization system may indicate dissatisfaction in your way of organizing yourself. It is also a clue that you have too many things to organize or get rid of.

  1. You are ashamed of your house

If the idea of bringing guests home makes you feel embarrassed, if you feel the same when looking at your desk or workplace, you definitely need to organize. The disaster may not be so great once you make the determination to organize.