Discover these 10 grandma cleaning tricks that continue to work and make our lives easier at home. Did your grandmother have any more?

  1. For burned pots

Your burnt pot can have a second life if you fill it with hot water, a good stream of dishwashing soap and put it on a low heat. Let it boil for a few minutes and then use a spatula to remove the burnt remains. You will see that they have completely softened.

  1. against weeds

Remove the weeds that appear on the front of the home and the weeds that grow between the floors is possible thanks to this ancient trick. The first thing is to heat water in a container until it boils, and then empties it where that bothersome boil is born. If you add a spoonful of salt, it will be even more effective.

  1. Toothpaste for silver

Silver items tend to lose brightness with great ease, due to the time or dirt they accumulate. To clean them, you will only need toothpaste and a handkerchief. The process consists of applying the paste with the cloth on the silver. Then it is removed with plenty of water.

  1. Cut scourers

The grandmothers were experts in taking advantage of each product to the fullest. The need forced. Cutting the sponges in half will allow you to save, but also adapt the cleaning to small spaces and get them to dry sooner and accumulate less bacteria.

  1. Newsprint

The newspaper is used in different hundred-year dust free cleaning tricks. For example, it is used to clean mirrors and crystals. Its effectiveness is better than that of cloths and wipes. There are also amazing tricks such as cleaning burned remains from the sole of the iron.

  1. Pillowcase

Without a doubt, it is one of the most audacious centenary cleaning tricks, because its ability to leave your fan impeccable is infallible. You will only need a pillowcase. Cover the blade with the cover to then remove the dust and get trapped inside the fabric. Doing so will avoid fouling the rest of the place by putting the mechanism into operation.

  1. Sugar to exfoliate

Both for the skin, and for the surfaces that need a light polish. For both uses, you can mix the sugar with olive oil and get a natural exfoliate.

Our grandmothers also used sugar to clean difficult objects. For example, artificial flowers. Discover how to clean artificial flowers with sugar with this effective method.

  1. Baking soda

Baking soda is the protagonist of multiple traditional cleaning tricks. It is used to eliminate odors from the refrigerator, as a mild cleaning abrasive (for the oven, for example), as a surface whitening agent, to regulate the PH of water in laundry or to degrease dishes.

  1. Soda for jewelry

In addition to refreshing, this drink will give luster to your gold jewelry if you combine it with dish soap and leave it to soak for five minutes. The combination of both products will give very good results against dirt.

  1. Vinegar and lemon

To remove the rust from the objects, the piece should be soaked with vinegar. And to leave them clean, only water should be added. Also, you know that it is an ideal product as a deodorant.