One of the most demanded services to carry out by companies specialized in cleaning and maintenance is the cleaning of common areas.

The common areas, depending on the buildings in which they are located, require some techniques or others, as well as the use of specific materials for each space.

1.Identify the areas that must be cleaned

Whether it is a community of neighbors or establishments such as hotels, gyms or business premises, it is very important to know which areas are exactly those that have to be cleaned.

-cleaning of common areas in communities of owners: in neighborhood communities are many areas that are considered common as courtyards, toilets, swimming pool, changing rooms, gyms, corridors, elevators and portals among others.

You have to know the amount of people who usually pass through them as well as the dirt that can accumulate in them. So we can know how often they should be cleaned to achieve its perfect maintenance and the satisfaction of all neighbors.

– Cleaning of common areas in hotels: as in neighboring communities, in hotels we can find many areas that are considered common as corridors, elevators, leisure and rest rooms, toilets, swimming pools and stairs in others.

It is necessary to determine the number of people who use them daily to know the degree of dirt they accumulate and thus to know how often their cleaning should be carried out.

Do not forget to clean patios, terraces, and garages

These spaces, although not the typical ones with constant transition of people, with the exception of the garage, are included as a general rule, within the cleaning services of common areas. Therefore, it will be important that these common enclosures always look in the best way, since it is very common for them to be the first ones forgotten in the cleaning services.

The floor of patios and terraces, are usually of mud or terrazzo, while those of the garages are of polished cement. In the case of mud or terrazzo, or elements with a large porosity, in which the dirt penetrates more quickly, to eliminate these stains, we will use special products for cleaning these surfaces, facilitating not only the elimination of the stain, but also, the resistance for more time of the material. For a cleaning of common areas of this type, we can also use water with bleach or vinegar. In case of oil in garages, sawdust is usually a good ally, along with degreasing soap.

For a brilliant finish in the cleaning of farms, we can use flaxseed oil, to waterproof the floor and provide a bright appearance, whenever you are going to perform this type of cleaning or a waxing, it is important that you notice with posters, to avoid slips.

  1. Set the frequency for cleaning

Once you have identified the areas that you want to clean you should reflect on the frequency with which they should be cleaned because it is very important when asking for a budget from the companies.

It is not the same to need the services of cleaning companies once a week than once a month, nor to perform them during daytime hours that night.

  1. Search specialized companies

The cleaning of common areas is a very laborious task that requires a lot of time and means if we want to obtain the most optimal results.

Therefore, the most advisable thing is that we hire the services of companies specialized in the sector that have years of experience and prestige.

Ask for advice from other people you know who have needed these services or search the internet for companies that have better customer reviews and positioning in Google. Make at least a list of 5 companies that offer cleaning services.

  1. Ask for cleaning service budget

When you already know the companies that interest you to do the cleaning of the common areas of any type of building you should ask for estimates .

In the budgets should be detailed all the aspects that are essential and that always have to be taken into account when contracting a cleaning service:

  • Number of hours : it is important to know how many hours will be necessary to clean the common areas. Even if it is a rough estimate, it must be included in the budget to avoid surprises at the last minute.
  • Materials: all materials needed to perform the service must be specified in the budget, as well as their price and recommendations when using them.
  • Space: all the areas that the client wants to clean both in extension (their number in square meters) and their accessibility when cleaning them must be reflected. The more difficult it is to access them, the more complicated it is to clean them.
  • Personnel: it is important to specify the number of workers that will be needed and the hours they will have to work. It is also recommended that reference be made to the professional career of the workers to demonstrate that it is a company specialized in the sector.
  • Form of payment: there are many forms of payment and that is why the company must make clear and in writing what they are working with. Many companies charge monthly while others do it on an annual basis and with some type of discount or promotion.
  • Company data : the data that corresponds to the company that is making the budget must be available to customers.
  • Customer data : also our data as a company requesting a cleaning service must be included in a budget.
  • Date and place of the budget : this information is important because with the passage of time the conditions may vary.