Keep these Sofa Cleaning tips in mind to keep your sofa looking beautiful for as long as possible!

The sofa is one of those objects that cannot be left at home. It does not matter if it’s big, small, and old or new, a good sofa is always synonymous with good things. It can be the big sofa where you watch TV with your whole family on Sundays, the single sofa where you relax and read in your free time, that old sofa that you inherited from your grandmother or the new sofa that you almost do not use because your dog feels that belongs to you more than you. For this reason, we advise you to include the cleaning of the sofa in the weekly cleaning tasks and we give you the tips to do an efficient cleaning of the same.

Cleaning the sofa step by step

Whatever the case, we all have had a sofa to which we have certain affection and we want it to last a long time. In order to extend the life of the sofa, it is necessary to know how to clean it correctly. Therefore, we have prepared a step by step tutorial for you to include the sofa in your cleaning schedule and do not let them accumulate dust and dirt.

Tools needed for cleaning the sofa

  • Cotton cloth or duster
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Special cleaner
  • Sodium bicarbonate

Steps for cleaning the sofa

  1. In your weekly cleaning, you should always remember to remove and dust the couch. For this, you can use the duster and perform a superficial cleaning that will not take you too long. Pay special attention to the cracks in the sofa or the gaps between the sofa and the wood or cushions.
  2. After removing the dust, if you have a vacuum cleaner by the hand pass it all over the surface of the sofa. Remove the cushions; clean the sofa inside and also each cushion individually.
  3. If the cushion covers can be washed, read the label to know the correct way to do it. Most can be easily cleaned in the washing machine, but it is worth confirming to avoid that shrinking the lining of the cushions.
  4. Also, check if the type of fabric on the sofa is suitable for the cleaner you want to use. If so, fry it with the cleaner mixture and a little water and then dry it in pieces in the sun. Make sure it is completely dry before reassembling the sofa to avoid having a musty smell.
  5. To clean stubborn stains on the sofa such as wine, blood, grease stains or clean your pets pee you can soak the stain in baking soda all night and then vacuum.

It is important to know the material of your sofas before starting to clean it since some are made of very delicate materials that only a professional with the appropriate machinery should clean. If you want your furniture to be clean, eliminating dirt and dust accumulated for years, we recommend the Eco FMS. Requests a budget thorough cleaning of textiles and you can enjoy even more of your couch knowing that it is free of germs, bacteria, odors, and dirt.