More than 90% of the dust in your home comes from people and furniture fabrics. To eliminate this dust and prevent large amounts from accumulating, it is best to clean the surface of your home little by little. Pay attention and see the tips that we bring you in this post to say goodbye to the dust of your house.

Tips to keep your home free of dust

Organize your cabinets to prevent the accumulation of dust

Cabinets tend to accumulate a lot of dust. Therefore, it is recommended that you keep the cabinets organized to prevent dust from taking over them.

Place in boxes or bags all those objects that are small. Thanks to the use of transparent boxes you can store different objects avoiding the dust to affect them and you will see at all times what the contents of the box are. As for the coats, do you use them only in winter? Those coats that you use only in certain months it is better that you protect them with a plastic to avoid that the dust accumulates in them.

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Finally, keep the surface under the cabinets as clear as possible. Thanks to this you will prevent the dust from accumulating and being easier to clean.

Change the sheets of your bed every week

Your bed beside being cozy accumulates a lot of dust. A solution? Wash the sheets and covers every week. Since pillows do not need to be washed weekly, you’ll just have to shake them off.

Use the correct cleaning utensils

The key is to capture dust, not spread it, which are exactly what the dusters and dry rags. Wet clothes or microfiber cloths work much better. Cloths that attract dust with oils or waxes also work well, but be careful, as they can leave residues on the furniture. Remember to use the vacuum only in areas that are impossible to clean with a cloth.

Use the correct vacuum

The suction alone is not enough to remove much of the dust from the carpet. To get good results you need a powerful vacuum cleaner with accessories to clean the different surfaces and rooms of the house. Remember to use vacuum cleaners that contain Hepa filter, because thanks to this feature, the vacuum cleaner will trap a greater number of dust particles and mites.

Shake rugs and cushions

Carpets are large accumulators of dust since all its fibers absorb dust like a giant sponge. Aspirate them at least once a week may be helpful, but to get better results, and if your home allows it, it is advisable to shake them to remove dust particles doing the same with the cushions.

Follow these tips and prevent dust from taking over your home. Leave your home in the hands of professionals and take advantage of all the benefits of having a clean home without having to do the dirty work. Request a budget for thorough cleaning of the home and enjoy more than 200 areas of your home without a single speck of dust.