Ways to introduce cleaning to children (and some adults)

We understand. Cleaning is an arduous task. That said, cleaning is not really an optional thing; after all, the dishes should be cleaned, the clothes should be washed (and dried, folded and stored) and the bathrooms should be shiny. Domestic chores are such an important part of building relationships as part of life, so we share with you some tips to make it as pleasant as possible.

Make a game

For this to work properly, you will need two bowls, a variety of costumes, several papers, and a pen. Write your to-do list on individual sheets of paper and place them in a bowl. Write each item of clothing on its own paper and place it in the other bowl. As contestants are summoned, they must randomly choose a task and the disguise they should wear while doing that task. Once everyone has a routine job and they are wrapped in the appropriate attire, put a timer (or play a song) and see how much everyone can do at that moment. This is a very fun idea to introduce children to cleanliness.

Give a reward for the children

Perform household tasks such as sweep, you can turn it into a competition, and agree on a small reward for after performing the work. With this advice, the task of introducing children to cleaning will be much easier and you will get a shining house in less time.

Common Mistakes When Cleaning Hide money

If you have a teenager you can encourage him to wash his clothes in this way: tell him he can have all the money he finds in the pockets of the clothes to be washed. Place coins under the items that must be moved while dusting, and place some more coins on the ground to be found when sweeping. Bonus: you do not have to worry about putting money on the couch, it’s probably already there. The idea is not only to introduce the children to the cleaning but also to the adolescents, that being a bit more difficult to treat, this advice will make it easier for you than you think.

Do a treasure hunt for thanks

If you do not like rewarding children for doing a job that you feel is a natural part of being a family, hide little thank-you notes in the house. Say things like “I knew you would do a good job!” or “Thank you for noticing that it was necessary to do it”. Gratitude is a nice way to motivate them and introduce children to cleanliness.

Put your eyes on the prize

There is nothing wrong with a mindset of working before playing, especially when it comes to doing household chores. A promised trip to a playground, mall or the latest brownie may be all that is needed for children to make beds, wash dishes and store their clothes. Be specific about the tasks to be performed and when, so that everyone is clear and everyone can win. I know everything is messy to clean

Take huge sponges and fill a bucket with water and a ridiculous amount of foam and send them outside to wash your bikes. Either your car or the patio furniture. The goal is not really to clean but to teach them that cleaning and caring for the things they have are part of life. This insurance is one of the most fun ways to introduce children to cleaning.

While most of these tips are aimed at children, we are not afraid to admit that they also work very well with adults. Which one will you try first?